Bill Bradley Stepping Down as State Budget Director; David Thurman To Succeed Him

News release from Department of Finance and Administration:
NASHVILLE – After three decades of helping manage state finances, budget office director Bill Bradley is moving into a senior advisory role in the budget division, a move he requested for personal reasons. Bradley, 64, has been head of the state budget division in the department of Finance and Administration for the past 14 years, which included some of the most difficult economic years in Tennessee history.
“I want to devote more time and energy to family,” Bradley said. “Working in Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration has been a pleasure, and I am grateful to all who have allowed me to work on the provision of services to the people of Tennessee.
“I look forward to continuing to work on the budget, in support of a new director and my excellent colleagues on the budget staff.”
Bradley has worked in state government for 37 years, serving as budget office director under three governors. He helped shepherd the budget and state finances through the recent long recessionary period, and became director just as an earlier economic slump began at the turn of the century.
“The citizens of Tennessee truly couldn’t ask for more from someone in this important position,” Commissioner Mark Emkes said. “He’s intricately detailed, solidly accountable, and retains financial information in unimaginable volumes. We are fortunate that he will continue to be involved in the budget process and offer more senior level insight.”
Emkes has appointed David Thurman, 45, who has been director of the office of Legislative Budget Analysis since January 2007, to succeed Bradley. He has worked in budget analysis for the General Assembly for 14 years, and began his career in 1988 as a budget analyst for the division he will now oversee in F&A.
“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to guide Tennessee’s budget, given the successful history of the state to manage its finances in a way that reflects a commitment to the citizens to spend less than we collect and look for ways to save money,” Thurman said. “I greatly appreciate being able to step into this position with the state’s budget house in order, due in large part to the leadership of Bill Bradley, but also to the competent and dedicated staff of the budget division.”
Thurman will step into his new role on October 10, 2011.

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