Job Fair for Felons Draws 3,000 in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — A job fair in Memphis geared toward helping ex-felons get back into the work force has attracted about 3,000 people.
The event on Saturday at the Healing Center church was put together by state Rep. Karen Camper, D-Memphis, as a way to help former felons find jobs.
Camper told The Commercial Appeal that the event was about removing barriers for those who have served time behind bars. She says the turnout was higher than expected “but it shows a need.”
The resumes that were turned in will be evaluated on Oct. 1 by a band of employers who receive tax breaks for hiring ex-felons.

One thought on “Job Fair for Felons Draws 3,000 in Memphis

  1. Rayle

    son on probation. was told to come back as the agency reviewing applicants was changed. Cannot find or get a job (even if not a felon) in this area. We are seniors with great experience … no jobs … felons even harder and the JOBS are pitiful — not pay enough to live on, transportation issues with Memphis area (buses), the job benefits, i.e., health insurance if exist are not worth anything and cost prohibitive. Who is deciding on the applicants? What qualifies them to see who is qualified. Most jobs are not good jobs/safety issues, no future or promotions, working hours, no training, caliber of current employees – who would want to be in that environment. Felons need work … good jobs with good pay, benefits, advancement. Just like we seniors are looking for jobs too. What is amount of tax break? where does the money gained from break go — profits or to helping employees? Where are the JOBS?

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