Rasmey Invites Submission of Senate Redistricting Plans

News release from lieutenant governor’s office:
(September 16, 2011, NASHVILLE) – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey today made clear his commitment to an efficient and open Senate redistricting process by placing an unprecedented amount of information and data online for use by the general public. Participation in the redistricting process will now be open to any Tennessee citizen with access to a computer.
“In years past, redistricting was done with only a select few possessing the keys to access the data necessary to draw a map,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “Today’s technology allows anyone to get on a computer and fully participate in the process. Armed with the data we are posting online and the appropriate software, individual citizens can draw their own maps and submit them for consideration. It is truly an exciting time to be involved in this process.”
Online today is a memo from Lt. Governor Ramsey announcing guidelines for citizens to submit their own plan. The guidelines themselves, along with the names and numbers of the regional redistricting coordinators, have also been posted.
Current population data and maps with a graphic representation of current districts are also available and are divided by Grand Division.
The full list of guidelines are posted online at http://www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/redist/redistricting.html.
All plans must be submitted to the Office of Legal Services no later than November 1, 2011.

Note: Previous post of similar release from House Speaker Beth Harwell on House redistricting is HERE.

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