GovOps Now the Cool Committee?

From Metro Pulse:
The Government Operations committee of the state House and Senate used to be sort of a thankless job; the chair was awarded to someone who had the seniority to be a chair, when the cool committees were already taken.
But with the Republican takeover of the House and Senate, suddenly the Government Ops committee is a cool place to be. Most state agencies or commissions are subjected to a “sunset” provision. This was a routine affair under the Democrats, but it has set up the possibility of a major shakeup in state government next session
The item goes on to note that troubles afflicting the Judicial Evaluation Commission and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission will be resolved, at least initially, by the GovOps committees. And that’s cool.
The chairman of the cool House committee, btw, is Rep. Jim Cobb, R-Spring City. In the Senate, former cool Chair Bo Watson has become Senate speaker pro tempore and is to be replaced by Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey. He’s widely expected to elevate Sen. Mike Bell, now vice chair, to the cool spot, but hasn’t done so just yet.

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