Knox Mayor Bans Sex Offenders from Libraries

From Mike Donila at the News Sentinel:
Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett by executive authority today banned those listed on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry from visiting county libraries.
He said if they need to use the services, the offenders can access the library catalog and electronic resources online or have someone else check out and return library material on their behalf.
“What they are, these sex offenders — I just don’t want them anywhere around our kids,” Burchett said.
“The ultimate decision is how we pursue it. I want to get out in front of this. There’s no need to toil around with it. I don’t want them anywhere around our kids.”
The administration said the Knox County Public Library is the first of the state’s big four metropolitan library systems to put a policy in place. The county’s library system has 150,000 active card holders and 19 locations.
“People will say they’ve paid their debts to society but they’ve given some of those kids a life sentence – the kids who have been abused carry it with them for their lives – and I don’t want to give them a chance to be anywhere near them again,” Burchett said.
Any offender who has been warned not to enter a library and does so may be arrested for criminal trespass, county communications manager Michael Grider said
Note: Precedent here? Will other mayors follow? Or maybe the Secretary of State could impose a similar ban at State Library and Archives facilities, which he oversees.
UPDATE: An expanded and updated story from Donila is HERE.

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