Miscellaneous TN Politically-Oriented News Notes

Ramsey Backs Business Cost Estimates on Bills
According to TNReport, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey supports the idea of having legislative staff calculate the cost to business of legislation under consideration in the General Assembly.
“Right now we’re just ignoring it (costs to companies) and putting it directly onto business,” the Blountville Republican said. “What does this cost a business when we pass a bill?
“In the long run, it will save the state money and save businesses money” to attempt to calculate those costs up front,” he said.

A Chattanooga Photo Voter ID Effort
From the Chattanooga TFP:
State Rep. JoAnne Favors, D-Chattanooga, said she, other elected officials, churches, elected officials, fraternal, community, civic and professional organizations have formed the Tennessee Voters Assistance Coalition.
It is aimed at helping people get proper photo ID by giving them assistance in obtaining documents like birth certificates and providing transportation.

Southerland: It’s ‘Our Turn’ for Megasite
State Sen. Steve Southerland, R-Morristown, says that for folks in Northeast Tennessee “it’s our turn” for creation of a new Megasite for industrial development tells TNReport that moves are underway toward that goal. But…
State Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty said recently he had heard the subject come up in regard to Upper East Tennessee, but he downplayed the potential.
“In terms of a new large-scale megasite like West Tennessee, I think there is a lot of optimism we might be able to do that in other parts of the state, but there is nothing along that magnitude on the drawing board right now,” Hagerty said.

Estimates Could Cost Electrolux
Electrolux, which is relying on state and local government for much of its funding for a new Memphis facility, might have to reach deeper into its own pocket, reports the Commercial Appeal.
Construction bids for an Electrolux site at Frank C. Pidgeon Industrial Park are about $30 million higher than expected, but company executives and city officials say the Swedish appliance manufacturer remains committed to building the facility.
Sundquists Open Their Home
Don and Martha Sundquist, who moved to Townsend from the governor’s residence, are opening their home to public visits for the first annual “Fall Mountain Home Tour,” Friday, Oct. 28, reports the News Sentinel. It is one of four on the tour, a benefit for the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center. He is on the board; she is on the guild.
The house, centered on views of Mount LeConte, is designed around the outdoors. “There are no curtains anywhere in the house,” (Martha Sundquist) says. A waterfall visible from the deck prompts an explanation.
“I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to live on a mountain top or near a waterfall. Don said, ‘you can always build a waterfall later.'” She didn’t have to wait long; the landscaped water feature was her 45th anniversary gift.

One thought on “Miscellaneous TN Politically-Oriented News Notes

  1. Donna Locke

    As usual, Ron Ramsey’s priorities are messed up, because he views his position solely as an organ of the corporate elite. He should be considering the costs to Tennessee taxpayers/workers if certain protective legislation, such as immigration enforcement, is not passed.
    Folks, you won’t get a true mandatory E-Verify law with this bunch in power. Not with the Democrats either; they had their chance and declined. Gov. Haslam’s office has blocked and has indicated they will continue to block such bills to prevent hiring of illegal labor in this state.

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