Casada Sees Lawsuit Over House Redistricting; Eight Counties to Be Intact

Republican Rep. Glen Casada of College Grove has told a GOP gathering that his home county, Williamson, will be intact after redistricting with three state House districts – even though that will mean the district population is under the ideal population number. The report comes from Drucilla Smith Fuller.
The Tennessee constitution has a provision against splitting counties in drawing district lines, but courts have ruled that is secondary to population balance. When the current House districts were drawn, they had a population variance of 10 percent between the highest population district and the lowest population district.
A couple of excerpts from Dru’s report:
“When we go before a judge, and we will, I guarantee you, the Redistricting Committee wants to be ready to defend their plan,” according to Rep. Glen Casada (R-63).
…Eight counties will remain whole after House district lines are redrawn to reflect growth: Blount, Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, Robertson, Shelby, Tipton and Williamson. Davidson County will retain its current 10 seats.

Hat tip: Trace Sharp

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