Amazon Cutting a Deal With California; Why Not Tennessee?

State Sen. Randy McNally says Amazon should offer the same deal to Tennessee that it has tentatively cut with California, reports Action Andy Sher. Under the California arrangement, Amazon would start collecting state sales taxes in September, 2012.
“I think Amazon would want to try to treat states the same as far as collection of the sales tax,” said Tennessee Senate Finance Committee Chairman McNally, R-Oak Ridge.
California lawmakers struck a tentative deal Thursday with the Internet giant, which has been battling in a number of states over collecting sales taxes on items sold to in-state customers. If Amazon is unable to get Congress to change federal tax policy by next June, the company would have to start collecting California taxes in September 2012, The New York Times reported.
The deal could fall apart, the newspaper said. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has been seeking to persuade Amazon to begin collecting sales taxes after his predecessor, Phil Bredesen, struck a deal saying it would not have to in exchange for locating two multimillion dollar distribution warehouses in Chattanooga and nearby Bradley

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