Shelby Commissioner Quits for Nashville Job With Michelle Rhee

Shelby County Commissioner Mike Carpenter announced Tuesday that he will resign from the commission and move to Nashville to become Tennessee director of StudentsFirst, a national organization launched in December by former Washington schools leader Michelle Rhee, an outspoken critic of teachers’ unions.
More from the Commercial Appeal story:
Carpenter, 40, said in an e-mailed statement that the new job would be an extension of his work on the commission, to “transform the lives of children throughout Tennessee for generations to come.”
…Carpenter, a Republican, is one of three commissioners representing mostly urban District 1. Some Republicans on the commission have criticized his votes with Democrats on some issues. In 2009, for instance, he voted against a Republican proposal to reduce the property tax rate.
He has also sparred with government employee unions when he pushed unsuccessfully for reductions in paid time off.
The commission is a part-time job, and Carpenter currently works as head of the West Tennessee Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, a group that’s critical of organized labor.
In 2009, Carpenter spoke against a union-backed effort to create a prevailing wage commission that would boost workers’ wages on big public contracts, though he recused himself from voting on the matter.
He is known for posting comments on Twitter during commission meetings.

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