Al Gore Has New Office, New Tactics for Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore has settled into new office space in (Nashville suburb) Green Hills with a refurbished strategy on how to spread the word on climate change, according to Anne Paine.
Gore has shifted from rallying support to pass legislation to try to stem climate change — an effort that resulted in a near miss in Congress — to an emphasis again on reaching everyday people.
The move has come as critics who insist warming of the planet is not a problem have barraged the public with their view through talk radio shows, op-ed pieces and other outlets.
Over the past year, he merged the nonprofit, Nashville-based The Climate Project — known for training individuals to give presentations to civic and other groups — and his Alliance for Climate Protection into The Climate Reality Project, in Washington, D.C.
Its first action is Sept. 14-15, when the Nobel laureate and author will host “24 Hours of Reality” to give a live, round-the-clock, global look at what is happening with climate.
The Nashville flood and unprecedented rainfall in May 2010 are featured in a slideshow along with floods in Pakistan that displaced 20 million people, Russian drought and fires that killed 50,000 and resulted in grain shortages, and drought in the Southwest this year that at one point resulted in fires in 252 of Texas’ 254 counties.
The event, streamed online in one-hour segments at, will begin at 7 p.m. Central time in Mexico, moving around the globe to such locations as Tonga, Cape Verde, Jakarta and London and ending in New York City. The presentations will be given in 13 languages, depending on the location, with Gore leading the final one.

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