Sharing Some TN Opinions

GOP Self-Destruction?
The Republican party, suggests Frank Cagle, is on a pattern of self-destruction in the long term.
So when the Republicans have finally achieved their lemming-like goals and have convinced blacks, Hispanics, gays, young people, the elderly and the middle class that their party doesn’t represent them, who will be left?
There aren’t that many Wall Street brokers and bankers.
For now, many of the traditional Republican voters are still committed to the party. Mostly because the Democrats are even more feckless, leaderless, and ineffectual. There is also widespread antipathy toward President Obama. That’s enough to perhaps give them a victory in the short run. But how long can they depend on the mantra that the Democrats are worse?

Tax Increase? Forget it
The anti-tax sentiment in the current political world makes any increase unlikely, even if arguably warranted, says Robert Houk.
Officials from the Johnson City and Washington County school systems are exploring the idea of putting a 0.25 percent sales tax referendum on the ballot early next year. They shouldn’t bother. It doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of passing.
A Poor Plan for Legal Services?
Gail Kerr doesn’t like the recently-proposed plan for hiring law firms to represent the indigent on a low bidder basis.
What they came up with is a proposal that has been widely poo-pooed by attorneys, judges, experts and professional groups. It would set up a bidding system in which attorneys or law firms would get the right to represent the indigent for a flat fee if they are the lowest bidder. All the sudden, in Tennessee, justice would be akin to road contracts or buying computers.
It’s the idea of paying a flat fee per case that makes this so distasteful. What that means is the ambulance-chasing-type lawyers could load up their plate with low-bid cases, collect their payment, and do as little work as possible for their client. Heck, they’re going to get paid the exact same amount if the client cops a plea or goes all the way to a jury trial and through the appeals process. There would be no incentive, other than a strong moral compass, to offer a client the strongest defense possible

‘The Help’ Hits Home in Memphis
Chris Peck says ‘The Help,’ a movie on race, should be of particular interest in Memphis.
The rest of the country has, in part, tuned into “The Help” because it offers a window into Southern culture and convention in the 1960s that many outside the South don’t know very well.
Memphis knows that world.
To live here is to confront issues raised in “The Help” every day. The biting racial divide. Institutionalized inequalities. Warm real-life relationships that manage to span the cultural divide. A genuine caring for others despite economic and generational differences.

Also in Sunday’s CA, Otis Sanford says the movie caused him to reflect on his own childhood in Mississippi.

One thought on “Sharing Some TN Opinions

  1. Donna Locke

    “The Help” is Latino now.
    Anyway, in my experience, few Southerners could afford any kind of “help.” If Mama didn’t cook, we didn’t eat; and if Mama, Donna, or Sis didn’t stand at the ironing board with a fan blowin’, it didn’t get ironed, and by golly, it had better be ironed, or you didn’t walk out the door.

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