Newspaper Endorses Rogero in Knoxville Mayor Race

THe News Sentinel Has endorsed Madeline Rogero in the Knoxville mayor’s race. The editorial starts like this:
For nearly a quarter of a century, from 1987 to 2010, Knoxville had just two mayors — Victor Ashe and Bill Haslam.
This year alone will see three mayors. So far, two of them have made history.
Haslam was the first Knoxvillian elected governor of Tennessee since Reconstruction.
His appointed replacement, Daniel Brown, became the first black mayor of the city.
In this fall’s election, Madeline Rogero deserves to become the first female mayor of Knoxville.
Rogero is our choice for the city’s top spot because of her vision for Knoxville and her considerable experience both inside and outside government.

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