On Amazon, DT McCall & Sons, Sales Taxes, Chutzpah, Etc.

Here’s a media advisory from Alliance for Main Street Fairness, which is pushing the notion that Amazon.com should be required to collect state sales taxes::
Nashville, TN – One of the oldest businesses in Tennessee, DT McCall & Sons, will join with the Alliance for Main Street Fairness (AMSF) on Thursday, August 25th to address the negative impact providing a special deal to out-of-state, Internet companies like Amazon.com will have on Volunteer State employers.
DT McCall & Sons went into business in 1896 and have been employing Tennesseans and participating in its community for more than a century. Now they find their own state government giving an advantage to an out-of-state company seeking to establish a facility in the same town as one of their four stores. They believe this is not only unfair, but that the jobs created by Amazon will result in the loss of small business jobs elsewhere in Tennessee .
And here’s the opening line reaction of Chas Sisk, who a while back wrote stories on allegations that McCall & Sons was not giving the state the sales tax money it collected:
Not sure whether this should be called irony, chutzpah or something else entirely.
Mike Cohen, the PR guy for AMSF who sent out the news release was asked by email if he had any further comment on the McCall & Sons situation, given Chas’ blog post and the company’s sales tax past. His reply:
We are proud to have a firm like DT McCall and Sons, with 115 years of doing business in Tennessee, joining with the Alliance to call for everyone to be treated fairly and believe they will be an effective voice on this issue.
Which, as Sisk says…

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