FACT Taking Government Money While Denouncing Government Spending?

As part of an American Independent article on the Family Research Council, described as “a religious right outfit,” collecting $6 million in government funding while calling for cuts to social programs, there’s this about the group’s Tennessee affiliate:
The Family Action Council of Tennessee received $10,000 from the state of Tennessee to host anti-pornography workshop in 2008. FACT supports cutting government spending. They also insinuate that the poor should pay more. “It seems to me that a major problem in Washington is that right at 50 percent of Americans no longer pay federal taxes,” wrote the group’s head David Fowler.
“Sexually oriented businesses often prey upon urban communities and those located along interstate routes and major state highways, especially where there are few zoning restrictions,” the group said on the event invite. “Adult businesses are now pursuing their agenda through their own state association and have a lobbyist promoting their interests at the state Capitol. This is not an ‘industry’ your community can afford to ignore.”

(Hat tip: Michael Silence)

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