Audit Finds Misdeeds by West TN DA in Drug Task Force Dealings

An independent prosecutor has been asked to determine if criminal charges will be filed against members of the 24th Judicial District Drug Task Force, its board of directors, District Attorney General Hansel McCadams and Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew.
More from the Jackson Sun:
This comes after a report by the Comptroller’s Division of County Audit stated that officials charged with overseeing drugs, cash, weapons and other items confiscated during drug cases have used items inappropriately and had inadequate oversight.
Belew spoke with The Jackson Sun during a telephone interview on Wednesday.
“I am one of the sheriff’s that called for the investigation (into the drug task force) to find out what was going on,” Belew said. “I was quite shocked at some of the findings. The auditors said that my department misused seized, high profile vehicles. But we didn’t use the vehicles while on vacation. The vehicles are treated as any other take-home vehicle, and we never used any tax dollars.”
In the audit, McCadams is accused of occasionally using confiscated drug task force equipment — a BMW Z-3 sports car, Harley Davidson motorcycle, a golf cart, a go-cart, a four-wheeler and trailer for his personal use.
The audit also mentions that McCadams allowed the drug task force helicopter to transport dignitaries to Henry County High School football games.
Attempts to reach McCadams were not successful Wednesday evening.
Other people mentioned in the audit report include an administrative assistant for the drug task force and her ex-husband for taking drugs and other seized items and a group of jail trustees on a work detail, who gained access to drug case files, smoked crack cocaine and marijuana, stole cash and old coins while at the drug task force headquarters, according to the audit.

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