In Memphis, a picture is worth a thousand…. dollars

From WPYT in Memphis:
Would you spend $1,000 for a picture of yourself to hang on your wall? Well, if you’re a Memphis taxpayer, that’s what you’re spending for a picture of someone you may not even know.
Each of the 13 City Council members gets that much to spend on his or her official portrait.
Perry Melloh said, “I couldn’t imagine any portrait costing $1,000.” Melloh runs 494 Studio in Memphis. Melloh says his average portrait runs $250, and that includes the frame.
“For something that is going to be hanging in the city council chambers forever, no listen to me, that’s a cheap price,” Council Chairman Myron Lowery said.
Tuesday, August 16, 2011, the Memphis City Council will consider a resolution that would limit portraits to full-time city council members. Councilman Bill Boyd sponsored the bill, saying he doesn’t think someone who will be in office for just a few months should qualify for a portrait.
Berlin Boyd was recently elected as interim council member for district seven, Barbara Swearengen Ware’s former seat

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