Armstrong Provides Encouragemint to Columnists’ Satire, Sarcasm

Satirist Scott McNutt says Rep. Joe Armstrong has only a “no commint” to the notoriety he has achieved by urging the UT bookstore to stop selling “DisappointMints,” a candy-breath mint bearing President Obama’s likeness. But “mindful of the old saw that there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” he satirically declares other politicians to be seeking alignmint with mints in their likeness.
For Gov. Bill Haslam: Haslam Family Extra-Potent Endorsemints.
For Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey: Persuasively Strong, Yet Bashful Acknowldgmints.
For Sen. Stacey Campfield: Sen-Sen’s Unsubtle, Sensationalizing Self-Aggrandizemint
(Offhandedly, I’d suggest Haslam warramts a Predicamint, ‘Give Washington the Boot’ Ramsey an Anti-Governmint and Campfield an Anti-Establishmint.)
Down in Chattanooga, Steve Barrett lays down the sarcasm in what he characterizes as the UT bookstore’s “craven surrender to a crybaby.” He has taken a look through UT class descriptions- sociology, one suspects – and found some to lampoon.
(I)f the representative is worried about government funding political speech, he must not have sat in on a college lecture in the past four decades. A quick scan of UT’s website finds a course whose focus is a “model of multicultural and gender-sensitive constructive thinking; confronting power and addressing educational implications.”
I can decipher enough of that gobbledygook to assume that the works of Phyllis Schlafly and Thomas Sowell won’t figure prominently in the syllabus.
Another class entails “Theoretical research currently presented by feminist scholars questioning traditional (male) theories; application of these feminist theories to current feminist work in education.”
….In short, students in the state’s flagship university are assaulted daily with political activism underwritten by taxpayers. In many cases, students have to endure sheer classroom nuttiness to earn a degree, then spend years in the real world painfully unlearning the warped perceptions imparted by such courses.
None of that apparently troubles Armstrong. He didn’t take his bold stand for taxpayers until there was the threat of students being allowed to make a free-will choice to buy candy that tepidly lampoons a horrendous president — who, by pure coincidence, shares Armstrong’s party affiliation.

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