Oak Ridge Traffic Cameras Won’t Ticket for Right-on-Red Turns

A new state law requires cities to put up “No Turn on Red” signs at intersections where traffic safety cameras are used to fine motorists for not making complete stops before turning right on red.
Oak Ridge is saying no thanks, reports Bob Fowler..
City officials announced this week they’ll no longer use traffic safety camera evidence to fine motorists for not completely stopping before turning right on red.
The cameras, however, still will be used to document motorists running the red lights and speeding.
It’s a cost-benefit issue where the cost of putting up signs outweighs the number of violators nabbed by the cameras, city officials said in a statement.
The cameras are used at two intersections, and of the 269 red light violations issued in June, 109 were for right turn on red, according to the statement.

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