More on Fincher and the FEC

Rep. Stephen Fincher and federal election officials agree on this much: The Tennessee Republican violated campaign finance laws last year by inadvertently misreporting the source of a $250,000 bank loan to his campaign. But they disagree on a central question in the now-closed case: Could he have corrected the error more quickly?
Further excerpt from a Jackson Sun story on the matter:
Elliot Berke, Fincher’s campaign lawyer, says no.
Democratic members of the Federal Election Commission disagree. In June, they voted to fine Fincher, R-Frog Jump, saying his campaign committee had “failed to take prompt corrective action,” according to a statement they released last week.
That statement was among documents released after the FEC’s six commissioners — three Democrats and three Republicans — deadlocked June 14 on whether to fine Fincher up to $7,500.
In one vote, the three Democrats voted for a fine. In another, the three Republicans voted for a warning letter instead of a fine. Four votes are needed to impose a penalty.
Ultimately, the commission voted 5-1 to dismiss the case. In FEC campaign finance reports filed in July last year, Fincher said the loan came from personal funds. In fact, it came from Gates Banking and Trust Co., according to a legal analysis written by FEC lawyers and released last week

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