Budget Reductions at Chattanooga TEAM Inspire Outcry

The Chattanooga TFP reports that supporters of an area health center are in an uproar over a state budget moves that impact a program dealing with autism and related disorders.
They are contacting state legislators, threatening to leave Hamilton County and scorning the age-old Republican line that even the toughest cuts are necessary. They are the friends and relatives of patients at the TEAM Centers Inc. office in Chattanooga, and they aren’t backing down.
On July 13, the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities decided against allocating a $774,000 diagnostic and evaluation grant toward what one parent called a “once-in-a-lifetime” clinical program for children and adults with autism, developmental delays and other mental disabilities.
“All the kids have a routine going at TEAM,” said Kay Turner, whose 7-year-old grandson is autistic. “When you get them out of a routine, it messes up their whole system. Parents are talking about moving out of here. Our children are being left behind.”
Entirely separate from that concern is a decision by TEAM’s interim executive director to use state grant money to close the center and pay for employee severance packages. State officials had offered a $193,000 grant to allow TEAM to fund clinical care — diagnoses, therapy and evaluations — through the end of September so families could research other options and TEAM could explore other revenue sources.

2 thoughts on “Budget Reductions at Chattanooga TEAM Inspire Outcry

  1. thetruthwillout

    I am grateful that the knoxnews.com has picked up this story, but am saddened to read that the position of the non- profit agency’s Director continues to be misrepresented. The state used this as an excuse to withdraw the little funding they had offered and to attempt to discredit the organization. Also, the State managed to find 4.7 million dollars to fund an entirely new facility that will offer largely similar and obviously needed services in another area of the State with a cost increase of over $13,000 per person. So what issue really needs to be investigated here?

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