Nashville Voting Functioning Just Fine Without ‘Worthless’ Photo ID Law

From a Gail Kerr column:
Early voting in Nashville’s local election has been cooking along for eight days, with nary a problem. There has been no voter fraud. No identity theft. No dead people voting.
“It’s smooth,” said Albert Tieche, Davidson County administrator of elections. That delivers solid proof that the new law that will force voters to show a picture ID is worthless and unnecessary.
The law was not instigated to protect the integrity of elections. It was a targeted attack aimed at keeping the poorest, oldest and least educated from going to the polls.
“The law doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 1, 2012,” Tieche said. “So we are not dealing with photo IDs for this election.”

3 thoughts on “Nashville Voting Functioning Just Fine Without ‘Worthless’ Photo ID Law

  1. Donna Locke

    No one will be disenfranchised, because, for one thing, the law allows provisional voting. If the foundation of this republic is unsecured and missing some crucial supports and protections, I don’t know what Ms. Kerr thinks she has or will have in the way of a nation. (I can answer that — she/we — including the poor, the elderly, etc., Kerr claims to be concerned about — will have/already have a nation that can be stolen away from us. We are already the United States of Fraud.)
    It is no longer 1955 or 1965. Does Kerr still not lock her doors either?

  2. Allen Booth

    Historically, voter fraud has been perpetrated behind the scenes by organizations (or officeholders)that wanted to remain in power. Although it’s technically fraudulent to walk into a polling place and vote under someone else’s name, that’s not the way that voter fraud is usually carried out. It’s usually carried out by politicians or their operatives substituting the outcome they desire for legitimate votes.

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