Today’s TN Opinion Roundup: Bashing, Bragging, Bath Salts, Cute & Crazy

Womick Bashes Fitzhugh
Freshman Republican state Rep. Rick Womick, in an op-ed piece published by the Daily News Journal, attacks the state House minority leader. An excerpt:
The Democrats current figurehead is state Rep. Craig Fitzhugh, D-Ripley. Mr. Fitzhugh has been on a barnstorming circuit of late trying to convince Tennesseans that the overwhelming majority of them who voted for reform last fall are wrong. While his claims have as much merit as ocean front property in Rutherford County, Mr. Fitzhugh truly believes what he is peddling. Sadly, he is conveniently ignoring the fact voters sent a message last fall that was directed squarely at him and his big government party.
…Mr. Fitzhugh needs to honestly answer why he would allow his fellow liberals to yet again file a bill instituting a state income tax this year — a notion Tennesseans have continually rejected. Why won’t Democrats listen to citizens? Do they really believe Tennesseans need to be paying more taxes in these rough economic times? Apparently, Mr. Fitzhugh does, because he also let his Democrat friends file a bill increasing the gas and diesel tax by 10 cents! Not only would this harm motorists, it would effectively cripple Tennessee’s vibrant shipping industry. Yet another Democrat bill would have mandated all Tennesseans who own buildings to conduct a costly, comprehensive energy audit.
These are not part of a pathway to prosperity and job creation. These are the dark avenues of economic ruin that led Tennesseans to throw Democrats out of office in record-breaking numbers a little over six months ago.

Eldridge Boasts
In something of a contrast to Womick, state Rep Jimmy Eldridge, R-Jackson, brags about GOP accomplishments rather than bashing Democrats in a Jackson Sun op-ed. Excerpt:
Chief among them (accomplishments) was my legislation, House Bill 1503. This law enacts much-needed reforms to the often complicated Tennessee workers compensation laws. It is a clear win for the business community in our State that has, for too long, been saddled with red tape by government.
At the same, this law balances those realities with the legitimate needs of workers who have been hurt while at work. Additionally, my Committee passed updates to how unemployment compensation is calculated, strengthened the constitutional rights of workers, and ensured all employees will have a fair and equitable hearing when disputes arise.
Overall, this General Assembly focused its attention squarely on job growth for Tennesseans. We wanted to make sure that both short-term economic development and long-term job growth were given top priority.

On Caylee’s Law
Commercial Appeal columnist Otis Sanford doesn’t think much of the rush to file legislation enacting a “Caylee’s Law” in Tennessee and elsewhere.
On the other hand, the Jackson Sun says the idea is worth trying.
Bob Cooper on Bath Salts
In a Daily News Journal piece, Attorney General Bob Cooper hails a new state law prohibiting synthetic drugs marketed as “bath sales” and “plant food.”
Running on Cutes and Crazy??
In a Johnson City Press column, Jan Hearne describes her past activities as a feminist activist and suggests progress didn’t lead exactly where she thought it would.
When Geraldine Ferraro was chosen as Walter Mondale’s running mate, we rejoiced. When they lost to Reagan, we told ourselves the country wasn’t quite ready for a female vice president or president, but some day …
Well, some day actually might be here, and what do we have?
Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, a bizarro world candidate and a question mark running on cutes and crazy.

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