Huffman: Teachers Feel ‘Beat Up’ by Public Comment, Not Legislation

Tennessee’s Education Commissioner says this spring’s legislative battles left teacher morale bruised. Commissioner Kevin Huffman chalks that up to the harsh back-and-forth not among lawmakers but that of outside comments, reports WPLN.
Lawmakers passed several major changes for teachers in Tennessee. Tenure now takes longer to earn and is harder to keep. And a measure deeply unpopular with many teachers stripped their union of much of its power, prompting thousands to protest at the state capitol.
Asked to what extent that’s affected teacher morale, Commissioner Huffman says it depends where you go.
“I’ve heard some teachers say they feel beat up less by the legislation and more by public comment, and I think one of the things that’s unfortunate is that when you have some of these discussions, you start looking at things like comment threads in newspapers and so on, and the most vitriolic things are the things that pop.”
Huffman says he doesn’t think that reflects most Tennesseans’ respect for educators.

Note: Huffman also wrote a op-ed piece for the Commercial Appeal. Link HERE.

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