In TN, Anti-Islam Group Active from Nashville to Niota

A national organization working to curb Muslim influence has nine chapters in Tennessee, reports The Tennessean, and the one based in Nashville is the largest in the country.
ACT! for America sums up its mission in four words: “They must be stopped.”
The “they” in question are Muslims, who ACT! for America’s leaders insist are involved in a stealthy jihad to destroy the United States from the inside out, replacing the Constitution with the Islamic legal code known as Shariah. The Virginia Beach, Va.-based national nonprofit claims 150,000 members and spreads its message through books, websites, radio ads, cable television and the work of local chapters.
It has become a potent political force in Nashville, home to the largest ACT chapter in the nation. Local members have opposed new mosques and lobbied for laws limiting Islamic influence — including a new state anti-terrorism law that originally referenced Shariah law.
Their message appeals to Bible Belt Christians, who fear that Islam and secularization threaten their way of life, and Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel, who see Muslims as the enemy of that nation. Members point to the 2009 case of Carlos Bledsoe, a Muslim convert and former Tennessee State University student who confessed to murdering an Army recruiter in Little Rock.
…ACT has nine chapters in Tennessee: Middle Tennessee — based in Nashville — Cleveland, Hermitage, Jackson, Lebanon, Knoxville, Memphis, Morristown and Niota. Charles Jacobs, president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a Boston-based anti-Islam group, said he’s not surprised that ACT has caught on in Middle Tennessee.
“The extent to which ACT has been successful in Nashville reflects its strong leadership nationally and locally and the frustration of many citizens with the failure of Nashville’s civic leadership and the media to deal with this threat,” he wrote in an email.

2 thoughts on “In TN, Anti-Islam Group Active from Nashville to Niota

  1. Donna Locke

    I find I’m able to predict what The Tennessean will “investigate” and/or issue a harangue about — and what the paper, like the TSA, will allow to pass without scrutiny and report.
    As an all-purpose infidel, I’m wary of religion in general. Religions, no matter how they begin, become control systems. ACT!, which no doubt has its own religious motivations, is, nonetheless, a necessary counteraction. I see nothing good about the spread of Islam in this country. To its apologists, I advise that numbers change everything.

  2. Donna Locke

    I’ll add one more thing to my comment above. The science and art of prospective is not respected in this country. Many of those who act ahead of and in anticipation of major change get major diss from those cannot, will not, look and think ahead. Corrective lenses so often come too late, when consequences can no longer be denied and when correction of the course of events is impossible and just too late.

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