On a Candidate Clash in Senate District 6 Special Election

From a Metro Pulse report on a debate/forum for candidates in the state Senate District 6 special election:
If watching Marilyn Roddy, Becky Duncan Massey, and Victoria DeFreese answer questions last week proved anything, it’s this: Not all Republicans are the same, even if they’re all white middle-aged women.
It wasn’t just the stark contrast in their sartorial choices. Roddy wore a WASP-y pencil skirt and jacket; Massey wore a youthful suit that didn’t quite fit her; and DeFreese wore a frumpy black dress with a nautical-styled collar, the sort of dress last trendy in maybe 1991. But in a way, those fashion decisions set the tone for what was to follow.

There’s a fairly lengthy rundown on the questions and answers, including such topics as legislation involving sexual orientation.
But the issue of the night? Red-light cameras. And if the crowd at the Expo Center was any indication of the voters who do actually care about this campaign, it seems poised to become the central issue in the race.
In brief: Both Massey and DeFreese are opposed to red-light cameras–DeFreese called them a “tax”–and both have even more of a problem with such cameras ticketing people for turning right on red before coming to a complete stop. (Campfield has introduced a number of bills on this issue.) Roddy, however, is not opposed to red-light cameras being placed at certain intersections that law enforcement has designated as needing them due to the number of wrecks that occur there.

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