MTSU Becomes Tobacco-Free Campus

MTSU is joining other institutions across the state and nation in establishing a tobacco-free policy that will restrict the use of all forms of tobacco on its property, reports the Daily News Journal.
It’s a mandate not everyone is happy about. Megan Richter, an MTSU junior from Fayetteville who minors in art, said the change will be “hard on art students,” in particular.
“They put in long hours. They are up so long (because) they have to wait on things to dry,” she said. “They’ve got three-hour studios. People smoke.” Richter has been smoking since high school. “I enjoy the act of smoking; holding a cigarette,” she said.
Instead of more tobacco campus restrictions, Richter prefers more smoking spots outdoors on campus or for existing ash trays to be relocated.
MTSU President Sidney McPhee, in an online statement to the MTSU community, said the current policy allows smoking outdoors, 20 feet away from doorways, windows, ventilation, systems, walkways and gates. But the new restrictions will ban tobacco use regardless of whether you are inside or outside a campus building.

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