Deputy Inspired ID Theft Bill

A new law that strengthens how Tennessee deals with identity theft takes effect Friday, and it had its start with Sgt. Brian Farris of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, reports the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.
“Working a lot of identity theft cases, there was no jurisdiction,” Farris said. “Bad guys were getting away with stuff … falling through the cracks.” If your identity was stolen by someone out of state, using your credit card number to run up charges totalling thousands, in the past, officials from that jurisdiction would say “well, we don’t have a victim, so we don’t have a crime,” Farris said.
Farris contacted Sen. Jim Tracy and Rep. Pat Marsh, both Shelbyville Republicans. They had him work with legislative staff to draft the bill, HB151 (link to bill summary page HERE) and it passed unanimously in both the House and Senate. Gov. Bill Haslam signed it into law May 27.
“Everybody should go and watch how you take something, an idea that came from nothing, see it put on paper and then develop it, get it through subcommittees, and then put it on the floor for a full vote so that everybody can review or critique it,” he said.

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