TN Has 508 New Laws Taking Effect Friday, July 1 (with link to the list)

According to a list prepared by legislative staff, there are 508 new state laws that take effect on Friday, July 1. (Link to the list is available at the bottom of this post.) Today there are several media reports on this, focusing on one topic or the other.
A sampler:
From the Commercial Appeal: On Friday in Tennessee: The old “Move Over” law for motorists is expanded and a new “Move On When Ready” law for students goes into effect. Laws against cyberbullying are enhanced. And motorists must be more careful around bicyclists and pedestrians.
People who get entertainment-subscription services fraudulently can be charged with theft, so don’t share the passwords to your streaming-video movie subscriptions. “Sky lantern” fireworks are outlawed. And it will be legal for mothers to breastfeed their children over 12 months old in public places. (They’ve had that right since 2006 for babies under a year old.)
Scores of new state laws go into effect on July 1, Tennessee’s traditional date for most of its new laws. Some new laws take effect on other dates, however, such as the sweeping changes in the state’s liability laws, which go into effect Oct. 1. And a new law requiring photo IDs to vote is effective Jan. 1.

From the Memphis Business Journal: A key business lobby win in the state legislature will take effect Friday, shifting workers’ compensation requirements in favor of employers. Before the close of its legislative session in May, the Republican-controlled Tennessee General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1785/House Bill 2047.
Under the legislation, employees who are injured and failed or refused to take a drug test must meet a higher burden of proof in filing for workers’ compensation. Proponents of the legislation, which included business leaders and Republicans, have long argued that the shift is needed to ensure claims for workers compensation are founded and not the fault of employees who are on drugs.
While the legislation garnered weak opposition, some workers’ advocates said it shifted too much power toward employers in situations where drugs may have had nothing to do with an injury.

From the Associated Press: Laws that create tougher tenure requirements for teachers and crack down on terrorism are among a number of new measures that take effect in Tennessee on Friday.
The tenure law and anti-terrorist legislation are probably the most contentious of the bunch. Both drew protesters to the Capitol throughout their legislative process. The tenure law requires a teacher to be on the job five years instead of three to get tenure and creates a way for job security to be revoked for poor teaching performance.
Critics of the law say the evaluation system to be used is suspect and that it hasn’t been determined how best to rate educators whose subjects aren’t covered by the state’s value-added test scoring program.

The full list of 508 new laws (or public chapters as they are known until incorporated into the Tennessee Code book) is available by clicking this link: effective_07_01_11[1].rtf

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