UT Trustees Approve Tuition Increases

University of Tennessee trustees on Thursday approved a 12 percent tuition increase for students in Knoxville and funded raises for employees across the system who haven’t had an increase in four years.
For the first time, money from tuition will exceed money the system receives from the state, a milestone the Knoxville campus passed several years ago.
“This is not a situation where we are raising the amount of revenue we have available to run the university,” said board Vice Chair Jim Murphy. “We’re raising tuition to try to get part of that cut back, and we’re still cutting.”
The $1.861 billion budget trustees approved, which reflects the elimination of federal stimulus money, is about 2.7 percent less than last year. Those cuts have already been accounted for, said President Joe DiPietro.
In addition to the tuition bump, the board also approved a $200 per year increase in the student facilities fee to renovate and possibly build new academic space, and a $40 per year fee to fund a new University Center.
The full Megan Boehnke story is HERE.
See also Richard Locker for the Memphis reporter’s perspective and WPLN has Haslam quoted as saying college is still a good deal for Tennessee students despite the tuition increases.

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