UT Board Raising Salaries as Well as Tuition

University of Tennessee Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek is slated to earn a $27,600 boost in pay, and all UT employees will be eligible for a raise as well, should trustees approve the proposed budget today, reports Megan Boehnke.
Trustees attended four committees Wednesday during the first of a two-day annual meeting. The group will convene again today for two more committees and the full board meeting, where trustees will set next year’s tuition, act on committee items and elect a new vice chair.
So far, the trustees preliminarily eliminated free football tickets for former board members, OK’d the hiring of the next chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and approved the salary of university officers.
Compensation for the president, five chancellors and some senior staff – the general counsel, treasurer and certain vice presidents – has to be approved by the board. All UT employee salaries are part of the entire university budget, which must also be approved by the board.
Based on the proposed salary increase formula, all faculty and staff would receive an across-the-board 2 percent to 3 percent increase and be eligible for a merit and equity increase or bonus, depending on the campus where they work.
Cheek will get an 8 percent raise, including a cost-of-living raise, which is in line with what’s available for all employees in Knoxville, said system President Joe DiPietro. If approved, Cheek will earn $372,600.
The Knoxville campus, Institute of Agriculture and system employees based in Knoxville will receive a 2 percent cost-of-living raise and be eligible for a 3 percent merit pool raise. The money in the pool represents 3 percent of the entire payroll, but the increases are awarded only to employees with a high performance rating, and the amount can vary, DiPietro said.
Cheek’s merit and equity raise is based in part on market research showing he was underpaid compared to people in similar positions across the nation.

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