Ouster Effort Launched Against East TN Utility Commissioners

Powell-Clinch Utility District commissioners should be tossed out of office for failing to oversee operations, funding pricey employee junkets, claiming needless travel expenses and underwriting costly office parties, according to a state ouster petition.
More from a Bob Fowler story:
The document also states that the three commissioners should be ousted because they’ve condoned ongoing retaliation against the whistleblower who told the state about district woes. The 18-page ouster petition was filed this week by the state’s Utility Management Review Board.
The regulatory agency’s decision seeking ouster – a previously rare move – now advances to a hearing before a state administrative law judge.
“We intend to defend ourselves vigorously,” Powell-Clinch Commissioner Jerry Shattuck said Friday. “We don’t think we’ve failed in our fiduciary duty to ratepayers.”
The board is also considering a hearing to oust Sevier County Utility District commissioners, also because of a state investigative audit outlining misuse of ratepayer money.

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