Mark Cate on Haslam Being Mayor Vs. Governor & ‘Difficult’ Bill to Sign

Mark Cate, who was manager of candidate Bill Haslam’s campaign and now is senior advisor to him as governor, made a speech in his hometown of Maryville recently that is reported by Blount Today.
Some snippets:
Cate said being mayor of a city (Haslam was Knoxville mayor is completely different from being governor of a state.
“You take on 47,000 employees, and it is truly a large fire hose to the head. The first week, you’re still trying to remember where the restrooms are, but the legislature and the commissioners and everybody has been waiting for you. Everybody thinks you are ready to start on day one. It was an interesting time – 18 of our 22 commissioners were new and 36 of the 39 members of the governor’s staff were new.”
…Cate said the administration wants to make great things happen for the state. “Call us Pollyanna, but we truly believe this is an opportunity to transform state government. We have to take a different approach. It is a bureaucracy, there’s no question. Although our state has been pretty well run in the past, at the end of the day, its about people,” Cate said. “The governor says, ‘The team with the best players wins. That is his mantra, working with people who are willing to be agents of change.”
… When asked which legislation was the most difficult for the governor to sign, Cate said it was House Bill 600.
The bill that Haslam signed forbid localities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances that would be stronger than state law. It, in effect, overturned a Nashville Metro ordinance that forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation for businesses that have contracts with government.
“The governor didn’t oppose the (former ordinance) from a philosophical perspective,” Cate said. “He just believes government should not be drilling down and telling small business what to do.”

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