A Tax On Whiskey Barrels?

A lawmaker from south central Tennessee says he’ll sponsor a bill next year to tax the barrels used to make Jack Daniel’s whiskey. For tiny Moore County, five million dollars are at stake. reports WPLN.
A new opinion from the state Attorney General forced the hand of state Representative Dave Alexander of Winchester. It says that, Yes, you probably could tax the barrels that whiskey-makers use.
Alexander says he will seek the new tax that the Moore County Commission voted to pursue.
But the freshman Republican says it was a hard decision, given that he was elected on a platform of what he calls “basic conservative principles.”
“One of those principles being low taxes, or certainly no more taxes, if possible. And here we’re talking about some people that say they want a tax. And on the other hand, you’ve got their right of self-determination. They have that right.”
The question would go to county voters as a referendum. If passed, the tax would affect the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, literally the only manufacturer in the cash-strapped county.
The tax wouldn’t be on whiskey, exactly. It would be on the barrels that the whiskey is aged in. The barrel would become taxable – when they pour the whiskey in it.

4 thoughts on “A Tax On Whiskey Barrels?

  1. Abbey

    Outrageous! I would hope that with this tax the distillery moves away just for spite. What is it with people? Learn to live within your means!

  2. Elrod

    Moore County should be eliminated as an independent entity. There is no reason it should even exist at all – it’s a bizarrely shaped enclave with nothing in it except a distillery. Give it to Lincoln or Bedford County and be done with the embarrassing “we make Jack Daniels but we’re dry” dump hole.

  3. Charles Rogers

    Comments from those who do not live in the Moore County are somewhat irresponsible since they have no knowledge what-so-ever as to the circumstances and justification for the proposed tax. I was born here 76 years ago and fully understand why this is fully justified. It need not cost Jack Daniels one cent; since all they need to do is increase the price of a one-liter bottle by 3.4 cents and let the retail buyers of their whiskey pay the full tax. Absolutely no financial impact on Brown-Forman/Jack Daniels
    People who reside outside Moore County cannot understand how much Jack Daniel’s and all their tourists impact the infrastructure of the county and how much Jack Daniels has profited on the back of Lynchburg/Moore County. The Jack Daniel brand would not be what it is today without Lynchburg/Moore County.
    Charles Rogers

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