‘Waffle House Bill’ Haslam & ‘Tea Party Cowboy’ Ron Ramsey?

Jeff Woods is the latest reporter — maybe the last, surely not the least — to weigh in with a post-legislative session piece. He includes the colorful comments of state Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester to illustrate the theme.
Forrester is selling the notion that Haslam is a weak, poll-driven leader whose mind changes with the political winds, while Ramsey is a wingnut bully who has muscled his way into the role of that man behind the curtain. To illustrate his line of attack, Forrester now refers to the governor and Ramsey with nicknames.
“Power abhors a vacuum, and Waffle House Bill Haslam has not stepped up to lead this state, and that vacuum has been filled by Tea Party cowboy Ron Ramsey,” he said.
….Forrester may be guilty of exaggeration, but the conflict within the Tennessee Republican Party between its rowdy right wing (led by Ramsey) and its more orthodox business-oriented conservatives (as represented by Haslam and Harwell) was real and on full display this year on Capitol Hill.

One thought on “‘Waffle House Bill’ Haslam & ‘Tea Party Cowboy’ Ron Ramsey?

  1. Donna Locke

    Chris Devaney said, as quoted by Woods: “’Democrats are a lot like these cicadas. They make a lot of noise, but pretty soon they’re going to be gone.’”
    This shows how out of touch the GOP is with what’s going on. Given the demographic trends and projections, I expect 2012 will be the Republicans’ last chance at the presidency in my baby-boomer lifetime. Tennessee will hold out a bit longer than will some other states, but its eventual Democratic direction is already sealed as well.
    I don’t consider the Republicans controlling this state to be truly conservative — I’m more libertarian in that respect, particularly on social issues, and I’m certainly more fiscally conservative than they are — so they don’t speak for me most of the time. If I don’t see anything useful in the GOP tent — and right now I don’t — I feel no impulsion or compulsion to tarry there.
    The Democrats are no prize either. Both major parties are engines of destruction. So, we need new options.
    “In a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

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