New Lottery Scholarship Limits Have Some Students Unhappy

A part of Gov. Bill Haslam’s lottery scholarship legislation (HB2010) has some University of Tennessee students unhappy, reports Megan Boehnke. While allowing scholarship recipients to collect money while going to summer school, it also imposed a ceiling of 120 credit hours on what the scholarship will cover.
UT estimates that 2,200 third-year students systemwide could potentially have trouble graduating within the new 120-hour limit.
“The rules have changed in the middle of the game,” said Tamara Shepherd, who fears she will be left to foot the bill when her daughter’s scholarship expires. “They’re two years into a degree, thinking they have X number of years left.”
The legislation, which passed this month, is intended to allow students the flexibility of using HOPE money in the summer, but to offset the costs, the state is capping the number of credit hours students can take.
The 120-hour limit is the minimum amount of credits needed for nearly all degrees at UT and other public schools. An exception to the cap is made for students in programs that require more credits, such as engineering and architecture.

One thought on “New Lottery Scholarship Limits Have Some Students Unhappy

  1. Wintermute

    It was a mistake to apply the proceeds to further inflate college tuition and keep the unacademically talented out of the workforce for four more years.
    I tried to get Cohen to apply the proceeds to K-12, but to no avail. He wanted a success, Georgia had sold the same package, so he filed it that way. Now we’re stuck with it in some form for a while, at least.

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