Haslam Wants a Top-to-Bottom Review of Education, Too

Gov. Bill Haslam wants to spend a lot of time this summer studying what else should be done in the way of education reform, according to Mike Morrow, writing in TNReport.
Haslam envisions an all-encompassing look at education, even after the dramatic education reform efforts in this year’s session of the Tennessee General Assembly.
“I think what we have to do with education is really take a whole fresh look at everything, from how long students go to school to how we compensate teachers so we make certain we’re rewarding them for a great job,” Haslam said.
“This session had a lot of discussion about teachers and tenure and looking at collective bargaining. I think the next piece we need to discuss, if we’re really going to have a great education system, is: How do we attract and keep the very best people in teaching?”
For all the drama of changes in education this year, legislative measures on teacher tenure, charter schools and collective bargaining might simply be setting the table for further action.
Change agents Kevin Huffman, the new commissioner of education, and Chris Barbic, who will head Tennessee’s special school district for failing schools, are just now settling into their new jobs. Both came from the innovative Teach for America program. Huffman recently told the editorial board of The Tennessean that the school calendar in Tennessee is “not based on the modern world.” The state currently requires 180 days of school with 6.5 hours of instruction each day..

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