TDOT Halts All Work Statewide By Contractor after Knoxville Death

Transportation officials on Wednesday halted all bridge work being handled across the state by Britton Bridge LLC and its affiliates pending a comprehensive safety review after the contractor suffered a second worker’s death in four months on the Henley Bridge project, reports the News Sentinel.
Police identified Solin Estrada-Jimenez of Chattanooga as the Britton Bridge employee who was struck on the head and killed by a falling piece of concrete at the downtown Knoxville construction site Tuesday afternoon.
Tennessee Department of Transportation’s suspension order against Britton Bridge and its affiliate, Mountain States Contractors LLC, includes the $24.7 million Henley Bridge renovation and eight other bridge projects totaling more than $47 million in contracts statewide, according to TDOT spokesman Mark Nagi.
“We want to conduct a thorough assessment of all safety measures in place on these projects to ensure the welfare of the other employees,” Tennessee Transportation Commissioner John Schroer said in a press statement.
The review, which will look at all of the company’s work currently under state contract, will be conducted by TDOT staff and is likely to take about a week, he said.

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