Summer Study Time Draws Nigh

Lawmakers may have headed home en masse for the year, but smaller bands and bunches of them will drop back in the Capitol from time to time over the next several months to reconsider issues left in limbo during the regular session, observes TNReport..
The hope is, at least among sponsors of the bills, that doubts and disagreements over the details of the proposed legislation can be worked out and the legislation will have a better shot of passage next year.
Almost two dozen bills were sent to “summer study” for further review this year, giving lawmakers more time during the legislative off-season to explore the ins, outs and implications of potentially controversial or complicated issues before the 2012 session.
Many times, lawmakers shove those bills into the study committee meetings to get the legislation out of the committee’s hair without rejecting it. Other times, they take those study committees seriously and spend months examining policy, statistics and reports to determine whether it’s worth changing the law.

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