Bill Gets Alcoa to Top of List for New Beer $70 Million Brewery

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Legislature’s approval of a bill governing the sale of strong beer has placed an East Tennessee site at the top of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s list for a new brewery.
Bill Manley, spokesman for the Chico, Calif.-based beer maker, said Monday that the company is doing its due diligence on the Alcoa facility, and plans to make a decision on the more than $70 million plant within weeks. Three other sites remain in the running.
Gov. Bill Haslam has said he will sign into law the bill to establish legal guidelines on beer with an alcohol content of 5 percent to 20 percent, including a provision to allow brewers to sell the product on site.

On a related note
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — In a story May 21 about legislation aimed at enticing Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to select an East Tennessee site for a new brewery, The Associated Press, relying on statements made by the bill sponsor during legislative discussion, reported erroneously the size of the potential investment. According to company spokesman Bill Manley, it is $70 million to $75 million, not $200 million.
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