Ramsey Happy Over Shrunken Committee Numbers

News release from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s office:
(Nashville) – Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) today expressed his pleasure at the passage of Senate Bill 725, a bill which will streamline the operations of the legislature by eliminating several oversight committees.
The bill, sponsored by Ramsey (and House Speaker Beth Harwell), avoids duplication in state government by shuttering eleven joint oversight committees and shifting their responsibilities to the standing committees of each house of the General Assembly. The fiscal note attached to the bill estimates $851,800 would be saved after passage.

“Our new Republican majority started this session with a mission and a mandate to shrink both the size and the scope of our state government,” said Ramsey. “The sunsetting of these committees is an example of how serious we in the legislature are about fulfilling this mission by starting with ourselves.”
“Private businesses all across the State of Tennessee are being forced to maximize efficiency in the face of limited resources,” Ramsey continued. “It is only appropriate that we in government do the same.”
The bill would abolish the following committees assigning their responsibilities to the appropriate standing committee: select oversight committee on corrections; select committee on children and youth; select oversight committee on education; health equity commission; select oversight committee on TennCare; joint select committee on business taxes; joint committee on children’s services; charitable gaming oversight committee; select committee on the Tennessee education lottery corporation; special joint committee on workers’ compensation issues; and the select oversight committee on long term care.

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