Ketron Distributes Video on Islamic Extremists in Nashville

The state senator behind an anti-terrorism bill that Muslims say unfairly targets them distributed a video to lawmakers that accuses Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University and a Nashville mosque of tolerating Islamic extremists, reports Chas Sisk.
Sen. Bill Ketron gave his 32 fellow senators a DVD that claims to show that Carlos Bledsoe, a Memphis man and convert to Islam accused of killing an Army recruiter, was radicalized in Nashville.
Ketron distributed the video as state lawmakers are considering his Material Support to Designated Entities Act, which give the governor and the state attorney general new powers to shut down organizations that they deem to promote terrorism.
The video takes aim at a mosque that has played a prominent role in organizing opposition to his bill. It also raises questions about Ketron’s statements that his legislation is not meant to single out Muslims, opponents say. The video claims that Vanderbilt and TSU have turned a blind eye to “radical ideology” being taught in classes led by an instructor affiliated with the mosque.

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