Mail-order Wine Approved for Statewide Delivery

While the Legislature has rejected the idea of wine sales in grocery stores, it has decided to allow all Tennesseans to order wine by mail and over the Internet.
The House approved and sent to the governor today a bill that will allow wine to be shipped directly to any address in the state.
Direct shipment of wine to consumers from wineries and retailers both inside and outside of Tennessee was authorized by a bill enacted in 2009. But that law declares that shipments can be made only addresses in cities that now allow liquor-by-the-drink sales.
The bill, SB1030, repeals that provision. It passed the House 70-23 under sponsorship of Rep. Ryan Haynes, R-Knoxville. It passed the Senate 21-7 on March 28 and now goes to Gov. Bill Haslam for his expected signature.
Haynes described the bill as closing a loophole that is unfair to people living outside a city that has liquor-by-the-drink sales. Rep. Curry Todd, R-Collierville, described the provision in current law as “a glitch” and the current bill as correcting it.
The measure drew limited discussion in floor debate. In committee, some objected that the measure is an unneeded expansion of alcohol sales into “dry” counties and cities that have chosen to prohibit alcohol sales.
Proposals to allow sale of wine in grocery stores and supermarkets have repeatedly failed in the General Assembly, most recently last month when a House subcommittee killed a the latest effort.

4 thoughts on “Mail-order Wine Approved for Statewide Delivery

  1. Jon

    Isn’t there a provision that retailers wanting to ship to Tennessee must pay some sort of privilege tax to do so which limits the mail/online sources?

  2. Art Cate

    Maybe our Representative Haynes will see the light and support WINE IN GROCERY STORES which is favored by the vast majority of his voters.

  3. Tom Humphrey

    As I recall, the retailer — including those out-of-state — must sign up with the ABC and obtain a Tennessee license, then keep track of all Tennessee sales and pay the state’s wine tax and sales tax on all purchases.

  4. Ric Hiers

    Ryan Haynes voted no to allow a general vote for wine in grocery stores. Now he sponsors this bill.
    Where is the logic???
    I think that the TBI needs to look at the powerful liquor lobbyist (known as the Golden Goose)

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