Duncan: ‘Biggest Lie in American Politics’ is that Republicans Favor the Rich

U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan bashs Democrats/Liberals and defends the Republican party in a columnized conversation with Greg Johnson. Some snippets:
When I asked U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., R-Knoxville, about the latest class warfare, (claims that Republicans represent the rich) he chuckled. “I call it the biggest lie in American politics,” Duncan said. He cited his family’s modest East Tennessee roots, telling how his grandparents had 10 kids, an outhouse and a long history of Republicanism. “My grandfather said you could make it to heaven if you weren’t a Presbyterian and a Republican, but it was a whole lot harder.”
“The Republican Party is very much a middle-income party,” Duncan said. “The people in our party who have money are people who started with nothing and made something.” Duncan noted how prominent Tennessee Republican Jim Haslam, founder of Pilot Corp., started with one gas station. “In the Democratic Party, the people in Washington have hardly ever run a business or met a payroll,” Duncan said.
…”Liberalism is a philosophy of arrogance or elitism,” Duncan said. “Liberals say, ‘We can spend your money for you better than you can.’ Conservatives think of people as individuals. Leftists think of people as masses. If I had to use one word to describe conservatism I’d say, ‘Freedom.’ If had to use more than one word, I’d say, ‘Freedom of the individual.'”
The House budget builds on the core conservative concept that the majority of Americans are entirely capable of managing their own affairs. “The Ryan budget is trying to empower the individual,” Duncan said. “It gives people control of own money, even control over their own health care.”
Duncan took on the idea that Republicans are the party of big business. “Liberals are the best friends big business ever had,” Duncan said. “When government gets bigger, red tape increases and small businesses are squeezed out. In every heavily regulated industry, the business ends up in a few big hands (due to onerous compliance costs).”

One thought on “Duncan: ‘Biggest Lie in American Politics’ is that Republicans Favor the Rich

  1. Eric Lykins

    Duncan’s sales pitch is as shallow as Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, which is what he’s trying to divert attention from.
    The biggest lie going around today is that Duncan Jr. can think for himself and that the GOP wants to conserve anything but arrogant, elitist power (not to discount the fact that 108 arrogant, elitist Democrats voted against Grijalva’s budget proposal which is a must read http://grijalva.house.gov/uploads/The%20CPC%20FY2012%20Budget.pdf ). This bit of shallow sloganeering about the “biggest lie in American politics” has been spreading throughout the echo chamber since January when Walter Williams http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/article/biggest-lie-american-politics parroted Ben Shapiro http://townhall.com/columnists/benshapiro/2011/01/26/the_biggest_lie_in_american_politics/page/full/
    Think for yourselves and stop voting for those who can’t.

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