Spelling TN Towns a Problem on Dept. of Heatlh Webzite

Restaurant inspectors have checked out places to eat in all kinds of colorful Tennessee towns, if the Tennessee Department of Health’s new website index for inspection scores is any indication, reports Mike Donila.
They’ve stopped by an O’Charley’s in Chzttanooga, a Dinner A’ Fare in Kinoxville, a cafeteria in Cornersvilel and a barbecue joint in Cumberland Furance. They dropped by a cafe in Decaterville, a McDonald’s in Dyerburg and a bar in Gereeneville.
They visited a spot in Ooltewahy, an arena in Oliverspirngs and the Old Mill in Pigion Forge. They also scrutinized a deli in Sewaee, a grill in Tazwell and a school in Vonroe.
Or perhaps someone just needs to use spell check.
A department spokeswoman offered a couple of explanations this week for the various spellings at http://dogwood.healthspace.com/tdh.
“We have a new vendor and they’re still trying to perfect the site. We’re still in the process of trying to get it where we want it,” said Andrea Turner, laughing slightly. “They apparently don’t have the familiarity with the names.”
A few minutes later, Turner called the News Sentinel back.
Apparently, she said, it’s restaurant inspectors – not the new Virginia-based vendor – who aren’t that familiar with the names.
“It’s actually our fault,” she said. “Unfortunately, it’s one of those things we’re trying to address. It’s still not where we want it to be.”

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