Most TN Legislators on Facebook, Fewer Twitter

The folks over at TNReport have compiled a list of state legislators’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, providing the state’s social networking political junkies with an opportunity to be inundated with lawmakers’ self-promotion. Links are provided so you can check out them all.
In the Tennessee Senate, 29 of 33 lawmakers have an account on Facebook, and of those, 14 senators have an account on Twitter as well.
In the House, 60 of 99 total members have a Facebook account, but only 11 have Twitter accounts.
In other words, most state lawmakers have some presence on social networking sites, according to a TNReport survey of the statehouse pack.
Even the Legislature’s elder statesman, Sen. Douglas Henry, D-Nashville, has both a Twitter and Facebook account. Bear in mind, Henry first began serving as a state representative in the 79th General Assembly from 1955-1956, an era when color television was virtually unheard of and a full year before the Soviet Union launched Sputnik.

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