TCPR Deemed TN Arm of National ‘Right-Wing Network’

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research gets a prominent mention in a Mother Jones piece on State Policy Network, “a little-known umbrella group” that has established the “right-wing network behind the war on unions’ in all 50 states.
Occasionally, SPN think tanks boast of their clout. Such was the case when the Tennessee Center for Policy Research bragged on its website recently that it “leads the charge against teachers’ union” and “laid the groundwork” for the bills now in the Tennessee legislature to restrict, and possibly eradicate, bargaining for public school teachers. More often, though, the fingerprints of SPN’s members are less apparent.
…Tracie Sharp, SPN’s president, told Mother Jones in an email that member think tanks “set their own policy agendas” and “have always been fiercely independent.” But those on the other side of the fight see the think tanks as part of a broader effort. “This is not a grassroots movement to eliminate collective bargaining,” says Al Mance, executive director of the Tennessee Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union. “This is a national movement, and it’s funded by all the conservative moneyed interests.”

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