Veteran Environmental Overseer Replaced at TDEC

A shift is continuing at the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, with Paul Sloan, who oversees environmental regulations, to be replaced by a former General Motors environmental manager, reports Anne Paine.
Shari Meghreblian, who has worked as GM’s environmental operations manager in Spring Hill since 2005, was named to the position Thursday by new TDEC Commmissioner Bob Martineau. She will take over Monday.
“Governor Haslam and I are pleased to have someone with Shari’s significant expertise lead the department’s Bureau of Environment,” Martineau said in an emailed announcement.

2 thoughts on “Veteran Environmental Overseer Replaced at TDEC

  1. Donna Locke

    Don’t expect much. Numerous times I’ve driven through Spring Hill at night and could hardly breathe — as in asthma trigger — and felt my eyes burn from the poison poured into the air by GM. I could see the pollution in the air. I remember what the air there was like before GM’s arrival.

  2. putter2x

    Great move by Martineau.. these agencies have become so bloated, they need a business mind with science background to clean up the mess being made. They are out of control.

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