Dogs Banned at Legislature

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A lawmaker’s extreme fear of dogs has led to a ban on pets at the legislative office complex at the Tennessee Capitol.
An emotional Rep. Joanne Favors on the House floor on Monday evening said seeing a dog in the Legislative Plaza before the session had affected her blood pressure.
Afterward, the Chattanooga Democrat put her head down on her desk and was attended to by fellow lawmakers and a nurse.
Republican House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick of Chattanooga told his colleagues to “be on notice” that pets are not allowed at the Plaza.
Republican Rep. Jon Lundberg of Bristol often brings his dog to his Nashville office. McCormick said it wasn’t Lundberg’s dog that frightened Favors, but asked that he no longer (bring) it along.

10 thoughts on “Dogs Banned at Legislature

  1. Tom Humphrey

    Thanks, to The Sen. …..
    Mike Faulk has, indeed, had his dog visiting on occasion recently. And the word bring has been inserted into the item (It was left out in the AP original, thus inserted in parenthesis)

  2. tracy white

    That is an idiotic knee jerk reaction that is typical and a perfect example of what is wrong person has an irrational phobia and everyone else is suppose to validate it? No..obviously the lady needs treatment and help..what happens when she sees a dog in the park? Now are dogs going to be banned everywhere because someone might be afraid? That is just pure silliness. A Representative’s dog on a leash isnt going to hurt anyone but dogs running loose now that can be another all the dogs I see on a daily basis. She needs to see a vicious dog on a leash and a nice one to get a frame of reference or youtube devil dogs.

  3. Anne

    This is absurd. I am so sick of Democrats demanding things for a single person. What about the rights of other people she is infringing on? That woman has a serious mental health problem and the idea that she is voting on state issues scares me to death. What’s next?

  4. Micwilbur

    Does McCormick have the power to unilaterally ban pets? Could he stand up and say “No more blue ties!”? Or is this some obscure rule that he has pulled out of the books and is now enforcing?

  5. karen

    I share the same phobia and let me tell you that it has caused me some serious anxiety. i refuse to go to walking paths around our city because people bring their dogs and seem to think that everyone loves animals. not only do i have the phobia, but i am also allergic to dander. i obtained my gun permit so that i may protect my self from animals when i am working in my yard. my neighbors seem to think that it’s okay to allow their animals to roam free. dog owners need to understand that not all people are pet lovers. not all people have the same passion for animals. thanks you, ms favors. there is no place for animals in the state capitol.

  6. nkenge

    Uh? Hello! You can’t take your animal to any place of employment so why should politicians be any different.? What are we arguing here? So, if I worked at McDonald’s, where would I keep my dog if it were allowed at work?

  7. roy g biv

    Did Karen just say that she got a gun premit to “protect herself from animals” when she is working in her yard? What’s the matter sweetie? Got a flock of angry geese at you? Did you insult the N.R.A. (Neighborhood Rabbits Association)? Give me a break. Do us a “favor”, take that pea shooter back to Walmart

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