Latest Attempt to Repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law Fails

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The latest effort to rescind Tennessee’s motorcycle helmet law for adult riders has failed for the year.
Republican Sen. Mike Bell of Riceville asked the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday to place his measure on the panel’s first calendar of next year’s legislative session.
The House had previously sent the companion bill to a summer study committee.
Supporters argue that doing away with the helmet law could boost tourism in the state, but opponents point to the increased cost of treating head injuries for helmetless riders.

One thought on “Latest Attempt to Repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law Fails

  1. brian

    The majority should not be allowed to infringe upon the rights of an individual. An individual should have the ability to make any choice that does not impede the rights of any other person. We all know people are injured on motorcycles. People are injured in cars, on stairs, and drown in public water ways. More pedestrians are killed annually than motorcyclist. Where is the pedestrian helmet law? In a completely different scenario should tanning beds be illegal? Should there be a law that says everyone must wear 50+spf sunblock anytime they leave their property during daylight hours? Skin cancer kills more people than motorcycles and treatment is much more costly to society as a whole –
    Arguments for helmet laws go way beyond just protecting people from themselves. They argue about the burden and cost to society as justification. Where does that end? There are many more people dying from food related illnesses (cholesterol, diabetes), and the long term cost for arterial health care eclipses motorcycle accident cost in comparison. Do we create a law next that says what people can and cannot eat? If alcohol or smoking are legal why does anyone care if there is a helmet law or not? So chug that pepsi and enjoy those fries with your big mac while you force me to wear a helmet you hypocrites. Maybe someday you wont have a choice on something that affects you and then you will understand, but it will be to late.
    As a side note, since i have been riding motorcycles I have personally witnessed 0 motorcycle accident deaths. I have however seen 3 ambulances dispatched to different McDonald’s in the same period for heart attacks.

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