Carr: Haslam Opposing E-Verify Bill

State Rep. Joe Carr said Monday that opposition from Gov. Bill Haslam to E-Verify legislation designed to stop companies from hiring illegal immigrants “defies logic,” reports the Daily News Journal.
Carr’s bill, one of three he’s pushing this session on illegal immigration, would replace existing law that prohibits any person from knowingly hiring an illegal alien by requiring employers to enroll and maintain active participation in the E-Verify program by Oct. 1, 2011.
….The Tennessee Lawful Employment Act and two others setting up stronger local enforcement of federal immigration laws and prohibiting illegal immigrants from receiving government entitlements were to be heard today in the House State & Local Government Committee. But Carr said he doesn’t expect them to be considered.
“I had a meeting with the governor and several others last week and the governor expressed serious concerns with requirements in the E-Verify bill,” Carr said.

On illegal immigration, see also TNReport on disputes over how much the proposed legislation targeting illegal immigrants would cost the state.

2 thoughts on “Carr: Haslam Opposing E-Verify Bill

  1. Voter

    We voted for him because he promised to pass e-verify. Now it comes out he is a liar and fraud. He wont get my vote next election and I would vote to remove him from office for lying. Maybe we need to start a campaign to do just this. Defend our borders and jobs or we will find someone else who will!

  2. Betty Dobson

    Hold his feet to the fire!! Illegal aliens are costing Florida taxpayers $5.5 billion per year in incarceration, emergency room treatments, education, etc.
    Why would any governor not stand with the American people against this illegal invasion? They are stealing our jobs and our money.
    Flood his office with phone calls!!

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